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Here are some articles that represent short and longform writing by Daniela Capistrano for MTV News, Entertainment Tonight, Current TV, and more. Items may be missing as links expire over time, companies sunset, etc. Please let Daniela know if you would like access to a .pdf version of any of these clips.

Keep calm and play video games: 5 ways to level up your life through gameplay (Current TV)

Women in games: A mini guide to working and thriving in the video game industry (Current TV)

Afro-Punk Scene, Inspired By Santogold, TV On The Radio & More, Explodes Into A Multi-Genre Movement (MTV News)

Justin Bieber's Team On Twitter: A VMA Guide! (MTV News)

Kim Petras Becomes World's Youngest Transsexual Pop Star (MTV News)

MC Hammer, AFI’s Hunter Burgan Celebrate Twitter Mania At Shorty Awards (MTV News)

Keri Hilson, Ciara Heat Up BET's 'Black Girls Rock!' Show (MTV News)

From #SayHerName to Black Girls Lead Conference, Black Youth Are Unstoppable (MTV News)

Kanye West Always Wanted to Be 'Fresh' & 3 More Things to Know About Hip-Hop Fashion (Entertainment Tonight)

Donald Trump & 5 More Celebrities Whose Word Vomit Cost Them Big Time (Entertainment Tonight)

7 Up-and-Coming Stars Who Are Changing How We Think About Gender (Entertainment Tonight)

Beyond 'Get Hard': 7 Prison Buddy Films You Should Watch (Entertainment Tonight)

'Cleveland Abduction' and 6 Lifetime True-Crime Movies You'll Never Forget (Entertainment Tonight) 

50 Zines by Queer People of Color (Autostraddle)

Rutger Hauer talks 'Hobo,' Dracula 3D' and 'Blade Runner' (Current TV)

3 things you need to know about the Military Justice Improvement Act, a bill that could help prevent rape (Current TV)

Why Angelina Jolie wants you to know more about the BRCA gene mutation (Current TV)

3 things you need to know about ‘Greyhound therapy’ aka patient dumping (Current TV)

'The Matrix is a system, Neo': Ten reasons coding literacy should be a human right (Current TV)

Reader reaction

Computers have become such an integral part of our lives that I think everyone should know how write their own programs just like everyone should know how to write... So what made me change my mind you might ask. Two things. The first (which actually happened after the second item) is reading ‘The Matrix is a system, Neo’: Ten reasons coding literacy should be a human right by Daniela Capistrano. This article certainly lit some bulbs in my head...Children need to be taught about coding and how computers work in school.
— Nightly Coder


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