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Daniela Capistrano is the President/CEO of DCAP MEDIA LLC.

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I help businesses, brands, and nonprofits share their stories in powerful ways–with measurable, profitable results.

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SEO & Content Marketing Webinar

Leveraging Your Brand’s Story To Meet Revenue & Engagement Goals

This event took place online.

Just as you wouldn’t try to win a race without wearing any running shoes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing go hand in hand. By increasing your knowledge of the proven ways that both strategies compliment one another, you can better leverage your company’s stories to create real value for your customers and your business goals.

In this interactive, one-hour webinar (all experience levels welcome!), Daniela Capistrano of DCAP Media will clearly define SEO and Content Marketing principles, give examples of how SEO and content marketing strategies work together to meet revenue and engagement goals, and provide actionable steps for participants through brand positioning exercises.

Visit neworleanswit.org to register.

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